Introduction to SMART® Recovery Quebec

Discover the Power of Choice!

SMART Recovery® is the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group.  We have over 600 face to face meetings internationally and over 18 online meetings every week (must register in order to participate in online meetings).

SMART Recovery® offers an abundance of support options at your disposal to help you fight off addition and maintain sobriety. SMART Recovery® Quebec offers weekly meetings in the Montreal NDG area open to the public looking for on-going support and help.  Keep in mind that SMART Recovery is a non profit organisation and offers its services for free; we request donations to keep things running efficiently so we can expand our services. SMART is an acronym for Self-Management and Recovery Training. We assist people with all kinds of addictive behaviours like alcoholism, drugs, gambling problems, sex addiction and eating disorders. SMART does not use the 12-step approach known in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

We have an online messageboard (registration required) where you can post personal messages for support and guidance.  The messageboard is an excellent place to learn more about SMART and “meet” like-minded members from all over the world who seek help to fight addiction and maintain sobriety. Check out the Introduction to SMART Recovery® Online for more information regarding our online community.

How Does SMART Recovery® Help People?

Our Principle

Smart Recovery® helps individuals who want to abstain from substance abuse problems and addictive behaviours or activities. SMART teaches individuals how to change self-defeating or negative thinking, emotions, and actions that are associated with addictions and to work towards improving the quality of life and long-term satisfactions.

SMART’s Approach to Addiction Recovery:

* We teach individuals self-empowerment and self-reliance.
* We encourages individuals to abstain and recover and to live satisfying lives.
* WE teach and demonstrate on how to use our tools and techniques that teach individuals that they have the power to change.
* Our SMART meetings are educational and we encourage open discussions.
* We advocate appropriate use of prescribed medications and psychological treatments.
* We evolve as scientific research and knowledge of addiction recovery advance.

SMART Recovery® 4-Point ProgrammeSM

SMART Recovery® not only helps individuals gain independence from alcohol or drug addiction, we also help with other addictive activities; sexual addiction, eating disorders, gambling and etc. Our efforts are based on the science of addiction and when there are new discoveries, we modify the programme. Our 4 Point Recovery Programme is:

  • Point 1: Enhancing and Maintaining Motivation to Abstain
  • Point 2: Coping with Urges
  • Point 3: Problem Solving (Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviours)
  • Point 4: Lifestyle Balance (Balancing momentary and enduring satisfactions)

SMART Recovery® Tools & Techniques

The SMART Recovery® 4-Point ProgrammeSM use a variety of tools and techniques to help people combat addiction and addictive behaviours. Members are encouraged to learn how to use each tool and to practice the tools and techniques as they progress toward Point 4 of the programme — achieving lifestyle balance and leading a fulfilling, healthy and sober life. Click here to find out what tools and techniques we use as well as where most homework assignments can be found.

** To purchase SMART Recovery® publications, view the Suggested Reading List for descriptions of publications.

Why Sobriety Home uses SMART Recovery® vs. 12-Step Programmes

Sobriety Home share many of the same beliefs as SMART Recovery® pertaining to addiction. We both believe that everyone finds their own path to recovery. For some, this may include 12-steps, like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Even though Sobriety Home and SMART Recovery have a different approach from AA and NA, we certainly do not exclude them. There are many clients at Sobriety Home Foundation and some SMART participants that choose to attend AA or NA meetings.  Many go to these meetings in addition to attending SMART meetings. Some do so when they cannot get to a SMART meeting and others do so for additional support.  There are many who find AA or NA meetings beneficial towards their path to permanent recovery.  We encourage those to use what path that is useful and conducive towards sobriety.